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IaRTN SmartNet Introduction
Welcome to the IaRTN SmartNET Website. This site is dedicated to getting the appropriate information to our users.

In 2006, the Iowa Department of Transportation conducted a study to examine the potential business models for deploying and operating a RTK-GPS Network.

The study helped the Iowa DOT develop the business model that best suited the needs of the department. Under this model, the Iowa DOT owns the system, but contracts out the system administration and management to a partner specializing in large scale GNSS network integration, deployment and operation.

In 2008, Leica Geosystems was awarded the contract to install, integrate and maintain the Iowa DOT's IaRTN SmartNet, Iowa's Real-Time GNSS Reference Network. The contract required the installation of 80 GNSS reference stations, along with centralized server software capable of producing real-time network corrections and post-process data products.

Utilizing existing DOT and partner facilities throughout the state, Iowa DOT and Leica Geosystems were able to deploy the 80 station to meet the necessary geometric and spacing requirements of the Leica Geosystems SpiderNet software. With the data being streamed in real-time to servers at the Ames DOT facility, SpiderNet is capable of producing a variety of GNSS data products, including the RTCM 3.1 MAC network message, as well as single baseline RTK and post processed products.

The partnership between Iowa DOT and Leica Geosystems has been extremely successful. By leveraging the strengths of both partners, IaRTN SmartNet has already begun to set new standards in the industry for operation, accuracies, products and services. IaRTN SmartNet is committed to providing accurate real-time corrections to Iowa 24/7*.

While IaRTN SmartNet may be breaking new ground on the GNSS network side, what is truly exciting is the diversity of applications the network can serve to the user community. With the progressive thinking of Iowa's public and private sector, the applications of IaRTN are truly limited only by one's imagination. Expectations for usage are high as the network becomes an integral part of day to day operations, not only in the typical survey and construction markets, but also in the precision agriculture market and beyond.

We look forward to you becoming part of the IaRTN SmartNet community and encourage you to contact us with any questions, recommendations, or concerns.

Thank you,

Iowa Department of Transportation and Leica Geosystems